As the first 100 days of the Prime Minister Jacinta Arden led Labour government comes to a close this week, we take a look at the status of the government's proposed amendments to workplace and immigration policy to date.

Labour's priorities within its first 100 days in this space included a mix of new policies and undoing changes made by the National-led government over the past nine years.

Many of the changes were captured in the Employment Relations Amendment Bill (Bill), introduced to the New Zealand Parliament on 29 January 2018. The Bill is intended to amend the Employment Relations Act 2000 and its first reading is scheduled for February 2018. The purpose of the Bill is to implement Labour's commitments to restore key minimum standards and protections for employees and to strengthen collective bargaining and union rights in the workplace.

A key change for employers to note is that under the proposed amendments, unions would no longer require consent to enter a workplace and an employer cannot unreasonably deny access to a workplace.

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