Due to the amendment of the Act on Duties and the Companies Act, foundation fees will no longer be charged for a Hungarian private limited liability company.

A private limited liability company, a general partnership, a limited partnership and a sole proprietorship can be founded without registration or publication fees as of 16 March 2017.

Prior to the amendment, the fee payable for registering a Ltd. in the trade registry was HUF 100,000.00 (approximately EUR 325). The fee for registering a Ltd. in a simplified procedure was HUF 50,000.00 (approximately EUR 162). Furthermore, an amount of HUF 5,000.00 (approximately EUR 17) had to be paid as a publication fee before the amendment.

By way of this amendment, these fees will be cancelled as of 16 March 2017 for the foundation of the types of companies mentioned above, and for the registration of a sole proprietorship. The legislator’s intention with this amendment is to make it easier to incorporate these types of companies.