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Many US businesses have operations in Canada, and others are currently exploring opportunities to expand across the border. While some of Canada's legal concepts are similar to those in the US, some can be baffling to US human resources (HR) professionals and in-house counsel who have limited exposure to the particularities of the employment and labour regime north of the 49.

Whether it's an individual sales representative or a large-scale extension of the parent business, as they manage their Canadian employees, US-based businesses are required to comply with Canadian employment legislation and jurisprudence.

Questions we answer in this on-demand webinar include:

  • Why can't we terminate at-will?
  • Why isn't a signed document enforceable?
  • What is a "paycheque"?

By watching this webinar, US HR and legal advisors who are responsible for Canadian employment issues will better understand some of the differences between the US and Canadian regimes. Canadian HR and legal advisors will also benefit from understanding the perspectives of their US counterparts, helping to ensure those on both sides of the border are communicating effectively.