Google Play has recently updated its policies, introducing considerable changes and new requirements for the app developers' community. The core updates, which are already effective, include the following:

  • User Data - Google has clarified the requirements that apply to apps that collect or transmit personal or sensitive user data which is unrelated to the app's functionality (for example, inventory of installed apps or contact book data), including with respect to required disclosures and data transmit security;
  • Gambling Ads - Google has officially changed its policies and now permits gambling ads, provided they adhere to certain legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Designed  for  Families  Category  -  Google  Play  has  introduced  a  special  review  process  and specific policies and requirements applicable for apps designed for kids or families;
  • User Generated Content - the updated policies introduce minimum safety feature requirements for apps that contain or feature UGC, including with respect to defining prohibited content and the implementation of content reporting system; and
  • Content and Behavior Restrictions - Google Play has further clarified the requirements that apply to violent and sexually explicit content restrictions, as well as restrictions on deceptive behavior.