In Design Basics, LLC v. Carhart Lumber Co., No. 13-cv-125 (D. Neb. Nov. 24, 2014), the court adopted portions of an e-discovery protocol previously developed by Judge Grimm of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland.  The protocol is “intended to implement the balancing process required in ESI cases under the federal rules.”  The court adopted Judge Grimm’s e-discovery limitation of ten “key custodians” per side, a “relevant period” of no more than five years preceding the lawsuit, and an overall cap of 160 hours of time spent on reviewing documents.  In adopting the protocol, the court rejected the plaintiff’s position that the defendant should be required to search “every computer or data storage location owned or used by the defendant,” which the court held was “not consistent with the balancing required under Rule 26(b)(2)(C).”