On March 28, the FBI announced that ‒ Voila! ‒ it had successfully unlocked the iPhone with the help of an unnamed third party. The Justice Department therefore asked the court to vacate its order requiring Apple to provide technical assistance. What does this mean for Apple, the FBI, and the All Writs Act? Apple ends up not having to devote engineers to helping the government, and can tell the world it stood up to Big Brother. But the basic security of its iOS 9 no longer looks so good. As for the FBI, kudos are due for achieving what it was saying only a month ago was impossible. But this means it will be harder for the Justice Department to get AWA assistance orders in the future, as it will be more difficult to convince a court that the hardware or software manufacturer’s assistance is “necessary.” So even without a decision against it in the San Bernardino case, the FBI might find the AWA a much less useful tool going forward.