The Securities and Exchange Commission adopted additional rules related to its recent actions to address concerns regarding short sales in light of the ongoing credit crisis. The rules generally extend certain actions that were initially taken on an emergency basis. First, the SEC adopted amendments to existing Regulation SHO to eliminate the options market maker exception to Regulation SHO close-out requirements. In this release, the SEC also included guidance regarding the scope of bona fide marketing activities for purposes of the market maker exception to the “locate” requirements. Second, the SEC adopted interim temporary rules to extend until August 1, 2009, the Form SH short sale reporting obligations that were initially imposed by emergency order.Third, the SEC finally adopted Rule 10b-21, an antifraud rule that prohibits persons from deceiving others about their intention or ability to deliver securities in time for settlement and fail to deliver securities by settlement date.Finally, the SEC adopted an interim final temporary rule to extend until July 31, 2009, the enhanced “Hard T+3” close-out requirements in Rule 204T. Rule 204T was first adopted by emergency order on September 17. The SEC called for industry comment on this issue.