On 23 July 2013 the President signed Federal Law No. 200-FZ “On amending Federal law On advertising and article 14.3 of the Administrative offences code” (hereinafter “Law”).

The Law introduces new requirement to accompany advertisement of biologically active additives by a warning stating that they are not medicines. The Law establishes duration and size of such warning for different kinds of Mass media. For instance for radio broadcasting duration of the warning should be not less than 3 seconds, for TV advertisements, cinema and video advertising – not less than 5 seconds and occupy not less than 7% of the picture square, as for advertisement distributed by other means (press, outdoor advertisement, etc.), - not less than 10% of the advertising square (space).

Respective amendments were brought to art. 14.3 of the Administrative offences code in relation to liability for violating requirements to advertising of biologically active additives. Such violations can result in imposing of fines on physical persons in the amount from 2000 to 2500 RUB, on officials – from 10 000 to 20 000 RUB, on legal entities – from 200 000 to 500 000 RUB.

The Law was published on 23 July 2013 on official website http://www.pravo.gov.ru. In accordance with art. 3 the Law will come into force upon expiration of 90 days from the day of its official publication, i.e. new requirements will be valid starting from 22 October 2013.