This week the CFPB and the City of Boston announced a “partnership” that will allow Boston residents a short-cut to submit complaints about financial products and services directly to the CFPB by dialing Boston’s 24-Hour Constituent Service hotline. The hotline is a non-emergency line that connects residents, “24/7,” to a wide variety of city services.  Now, much like the deal the CFPB negotiated with the City of Newark for its residents, when a Bostonian calls with a complaint or question about a financial product or service, the municipal government will automatically direct the call to the CFPB. In announcing the “partnership,” Director Cordray proclaimed that “Consumers deserve to have someone on their side, and we look forward to working with the City of Boston to do just that.” Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said that “the partnership gives us one more way to assist residents and gives us the tools to address important and often complex financial questions they may have.”  Query how many more cities the CFPB will invite to the party, and whether this will necessitate wide-scale hiring of dedicated customer service representatives, around the clock.