On 8 September 2015, the Fit for Work service was opened up to employers. This means that employers can now refer their employees who have been off sick from work for four weeks or more, and who have a realistic prospect of returning to work, for a voluntary occupational health assessment. The free and confidential service includes a 45 minute telephone assessment followed by a personalised Return to Work Plan and managed support to get employees back to work.

Employers can refer eligible employees to the service through the Fit For Work website (www.FitforWork.org/ employer/) or by calling 0800 032 6235.

The Fit for Work service has produced a guide for employers providing more information about the service: http://fitforwork.org/download/employer-resources/6636_Employer%20Quick%20Reference%20 Guide_v8.pdf.

ACAS is also running training courses on the new service: https://obs.ACAS.org.uk/EventsList.aspx?SubRegionId=-1&SearchTopicId=79&SubRegion.