On 20 January 2012, the SCC imposed fines on Montesa Honda (€2.1 million) and Suzuki (€1.9 million) for exchanging sensitive commercial information. The evidence gathered in on-site inspections carried out in both motorcycle manufacturers’ premises showed that Montesa Honda and Suzuki exchanged e-mails with commercially sensitive information in 2009 in order to discuss and coordinate their recommended wholesale and retail prices.  

The evidence was in fact obtained by the SCC while investigating other commercial practices of Suzuki (in particular, with its distributors). This initial investigation also ended up with the imposition by the SCC on 2 April 2012 of a fine of €1.5 million on Suzuki and 9 distributors for agreeing and coordinating their commercial practices, establishing common resale prices and marketing promotions and agreeing the commercial conditions to be agreed with their sub-distributors.