A new consultation? Well, strictly speaking, not, although it feels like it.

As discussed in our post of last week, the Consiglio di Stato (Administrative Supreme Court) issued a Decision no. 4541/2014 on the LCN, which upheld its prior Decision no. 6021/2013 and invited the Commissioner to resume its activities and assess “now as for then the assignment of the generalist channels no. 7, 8 and 9“.

As some commentators noted, the Consiglio di Stato added certain new elements and underlined certain mistakes previously made by the same Court.

In response to the Consiglio di Stato, the Commissioner swiftly resumed the work on the prior LCN consultation (see here the Comissioner’s decision published today).

This is no doubt a sign that the Commissioner intends to go full steam ahead with an LCN plan, issuing its final decision within October 23, 2014.

So, whilst some may in the meantime have dropped their pen, it is time to resume works. It will be very interesting to see whether there will be changes based on the recommendations from the Consiglio di Stato, including the assessment of the current situation in terms of “viewers’ preference and habits“.

The deadline for the feed-back to the consultation is October 7, 2014 (21 days from today). So hurry up!