As per Act No. 305/2013 on e-Government and with effect from 1 January 2017, all official decisions and communications of public authorities (e.g. customs offices, social security institutions, courts, trade office, municipal authorities) addressed to legal entities and Slovak branches of foreign entities registered with the Commercial Registry (i.e. Slovak companies or branches of foreign companies) will be delivered only to electronic mailboxes. These mailboxes are available for each company at (hereafter the “Mailbox”).

Communications in hard copy will therefore no longer be delivered by postal service. Instead, electronic delivery to the Mailbox will have the same validity as hard copy delivery.

Access to the Mailboxes is automatically set up for all representatives and members of statutory bodies of companies, i.e. (i) director (konateľ) in a limited liability company, (ii) member of the board of directors in a joint stock company, (iii) general partner (komplementár) in a limited partnership (komanditná spoločnosť) and (iv) partner (spoločník) in a general partnership (verejná obchodná spoločnosť), who legally act on behalf of Slovak companies (hereafter the “Statutory Representative”).

To access the Mailbox, the Statutory Representative needs:

  1. If a Slovak citizen, a personal identification card (občiansky preukaz) with an electronic chip (eID card) and personal security code (BOK);
  2. If a foreigner, a residence permit card with an electronic chip.

If all Statutory Representatives are foreigners without Slovak residence permits, they must authorise another individual (ideally a Slovak citizen with eID) to access the Mailbox.

If the Statutory Representative already has access to the Mailbox, he/she can authorise the third person electronically after logging in to the Mailbox.

If access to the Mailbox has not been granted yet, the Statutory Representative must send a hard copy application (downloadable here) for authorization to access the Mailbox to the following address: Úrad vlády SR, P. O. BOX 11, Námestie slobody 1, 810 05 Bratislava 15, Slovak Republic.

The signature of the Statutory Representative on the application must be verified by a notary. If the signature is verified outside the Slovak Republic, an apostille or ‘super legalisation’ by the Slovak embassy may be required.

Once access to the Mailbox is granted (normally within five days of delivery of the application), we highly recommend setting up E-mail or SMS notification of deliveries to the Mailbox, so that you are alerted immediately when a communication arrives and you do not miss any statutory deadlines.

It is worth noting that you may start receiving official communications even before 1 January 2017, as the Mailbox will automatically be activated for delivery after your first login. For example Slovak courts must, since 1 November, send their communications to activated Mailboxes.