In late December, the State Council issued the Opinion on Accelerating the Building of IP Power under New Conditions, vowing to thoroughly implement national IP strategy, deepen reform in IP key areas, carry out more rigid IP protection, promote the development in new technology, new industry and new commercial formats, enhance industrial internationalization development level, safeguard and encourage mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

By 2020, decisive achievements will be made in IP key areas and links, the environment for entrepreneurship and innovation will be further improved, getting a new advantage in global IP competition, laying a solid foundation for China to be a world-class IP power with Chinese characteristics.

According to the Opinion, the following aspects are aimed to be strongly improved in the next a few years.

China will accession to the Hague Convention (for industrial designs) and Marrakesh Treaty (for copyright). But UPOV ’91 (for new plant variety) is not mentioned although the Opinion states China will improve the protection for new plant varieties. Regarding trade secrets, China will promote completion of trade secret law and regulations.

China will also promote the development of IP intensive industries, and provide further expense tax deduction policy.

China will also continue improving IP prosecution and relevant regulations regarding IP infringement and abuse. 30_1223428.html