New Brunswick

  • Worker fatally injured when tilt-up construction panel bumped a standing panel resulting in panel falling and crushing worker. $20,000 fine.
  • Worker electrocuted using floor polisher with frayed extension cord on wet garage floor. Charges fell under subsection 47(1) of NB OHS Act and related to failure to inspect, maintain and ensure proper use of the polisher and allowing an employee to use faulty equipment. $100,000 fine + $20,000 victim surcharge
  • Employee fatally injured when struck by dumpster bin that came loose from a truck as it was being emptied. $35,000 fine.
  • Employer, a repeat offender, failed to follow proper trenching procedures. $10,000 fine.
  • Lineman severely burned when he came into contact with high-energy line. $12,000 fine.
  • Employer charged following an injury to worker as a result of a failure to provide a guard on a machine. Fine: recognized supervisor training would be provided throughout the region plus $7,500 fine + victim surcharge.
  • Employer pleaded guilty to failing to securely fasten planks over opening that was being covered. In addition to a fine of $2,500 + victim surcharge, employer also committed to allocate $6,000 to improve safety protocols and training for employees.
  • Worker fell more than 30 feet sustaining a fractured ankle. Employer had failed to provide individual fall-arrest system. $3,000 fine + $600 victim surcharge.
  • Employer charged with failing to provide adequate safeguards to prevent an employee from coming into contact with a roller ("bud wheel"). Worker lost leg as a result of the accident. $8,500 fine + $1,700 victim surcharge + donation to foundation.
  • Worker crushed between two trucks when unattended dump truck rolled down a ramp. Employer charged with failing to ensure an employee complied with the requirements of powered mobile equipment operators when leaving equipment unattended. $25,000 fine.
  • Worker lost finger and was unable to work for 17 months after his hand became caught in a feed wheel. Employer charged with failing to provide adequate safeguards. $7,500 fine + victim surcharge.
  • Unauthorized employee working on electrical equipment at a food production plant received third degree burns to his hand and arm. $5,000 fine.

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • A fish processing company pled guilty to two charges after a fisherman (not a company employee) was struck by a forklift and sustained serious injuries, resulting in restricted mobility. The company was fined $35,000 and was required to make a $5,000 donation to Service Newfoundland and Labrador for educational purposes.
  • Worker fatally crushed by excavator. $55,000 fine + $2,000 victim surcharge + $15,000 toward public education.
  • Worker suffered broken bones in foot and ankle when an attachment tore away from a dryer, causing equipment and a hoist to fall on him. The employer, a multi-time offender under the NL OHS Act, was charged with failing to ensure that a hoist was operated in accordance with appropriate standards, and failure to provide information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure the health and safety of workers. $60,000 fine + victim surcharge + $20,000 contribution to Threads of Life + presentation to an OH&S conference on the details of a safety case to be developed by the company.
  • Worker pinned under vehicle in auto shop sustained serious injuries to his back and ribs. Employer charged with failing to provide information, instruction, training, supervision, and facilities necessary to ensure the safety of workers. $7,000 fine + $900 victim surcharge.
  • Worker suffered partial amputation of hand while cleaning machine. Charges based on employers failure to ensure workers and supervisors were made familiar with health or safety hazards at the workplace and failure to ensure that each piece of equipment was used according to safe work practices. $20,000 fine for each charge + $3,000 victim surcharge + $2,000 for public education in occupational health and safety.
  • Employer charged with failing to ensure that a fall arrest system was adequately secured to an anchorage point or lifeline. $2,000 fine + victim surcharge.

Nova Scotia

  • Worker died after trench he was working in collapsed. Employer ordered to pay $110,000, comprised of a fine of $25,000, together with amounts for sponsorships of safety conferences, audits, the development of safety manuals, training and a public information campaign, totalling $85,000.
  • An employee and the employee's friend were found dead as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning from an improperly installed electrical generator in a maintenance shed. $15,000 fines for each violation of the NS OHS Act for a total of $45,000 as well as $6,750 in victim surcharges and a $43,250 donation to a charity agreed upon by the families of the victims. Also required to make a public presentation on a topic determined by the victims' families.
  • Worker fell over 30 feet and suffered fatal blunt trauma to the head. Employer charged with failing to ensure worker was wearing an adequately secured fall arrest system. $25,000 fine plus volunteer services.
  • Worker drowned in manure pit at a farm property. $25,000 fine, including payment of $15,000 to the Canadian Farmers' with Disability Registry and a requirement for 160 hours community service specifically with respect to farm safety. Victim surcharge waived.
  • Worker fell from work platform, suffered serious injuries and later died. Defendant foreman charged. $2,000 to public education trust fund, 18 one-hour presentations to promote workplace health and safety.
  • Worker fell through an unsecured skylight opening and suffered critical injuries. Two companies charged with failing to ensure employees were familiar with health and safety hazards at the workplace. One company fined $18,700 and the other $12,600. Each company to contribute $8,000 to the Minister's Education Trust Fund.
  • Occupational health and safety coordinator charged and found guilty under s.17 of the NS OHS Act for failing to take every reasonable precaution in the circumstances to protect the health and safety of employees and of other persons at or near the workplace and failing to ensure a report outlining concerns of asbestos in the insulation material of homeowner attics was acted on. $1,000.

Prince Edward Island

  • Worker fell off roof from height of three metres during construction of housing project. $500 fine + $24,500 ordered to be paid to Workers' Compensation Board for education related to safe conduct of the activity to which the company pleaded guilty.
  • Worker accidentally mixed hydrochloric acid with chlorine, causing chemical reaction resulting in a noxious gas sending 22 people to the hospital. $15,000 fine payable to the Workers Compensation Board to be used for public education.