House Bill 155 (Yuko) has been introduced into the Ohio House of Representatives to change the definition of “instant bingo ticket dispenser” and to authorize a charitable organization to purchase, lease and use instant bingo ticket dispensers. Rep. Yuko said the proposal originated with the Euclid Police Department as it was looking for a way to raise funds. He said instant bingo tickets, or pull-tabs, now are sold by employees of charitable organizations. Enactment of the bill would clear the way for sales via machines. According to Yuko, “instant bingo machines can be a great way for nonprofit organizations to raise money and supplement the donations that they receive.” He said current law bars use of pull-tab dispensers. Rep. Daniels wondered if the definitional change to include machines could affect statutes that restrict video skill games. Rep. Yuko replied that he did not believe the measure would apply to games of chance. Yuko said organizations can put in machines that will dispense the bingo tickets, much like a lottery ticket machine without the need for a person to be on hand to sell the tickets. Yuko also said his bill does not promote bingo, but if someone chooses to purchase a ticket, they will be able to do so more quickly. The tickets are legal in Ohio. According to a Legislative Services Commission representative, the bill’s language basically accounts only for the dispensing of tickets and is not designed as a slot machine-type game.