Employers can apply to court for a "springboard" injunction to prevent employees from taking advantage of breaches of confidentiality duties, typically in team move cases.  They can be used in circumstances where there are no enforceable non-compete or non-solicitation/dealing clauses. 

Increasingly, as in QBE Management Services (UK) Ltd v Dymoke, this so-called "interim relief" turns out to be the employer's main and final remedy.  In this case the injunction was obtained to restrain three former employees and their outside financial backer from starting up a competing marine insurance business.  The employees had resigned to start the rival business and had committed numerous breaches of their employment contracts or fiduciary duty by enticing other employees to resign and by misusing confidential information during their employment. Their employer was entitled to a final springboard injunction delaying the launch of the rival company until a fixed date (when, the court reckoned, the unfair advantage gained would have ended).