Housing nine of the top ten global ICT companies, Ireland has become an international hub for tech activity. We examine some of the requirements which are important to tech tenants when leasing premises in Ireland and contrast those with the often conflicting needs of landlords. We also suggest steps Ireland could take to provide more suitable office space for tech tenants.

A comparison of tech tenant and usual landlord positions on lease provisions shows that there are substantial differences. Getting suitable space on appropriate terms is also a key requirement for any business. Ireland will copper-fasten its position as a leading centre for ICT business if it can reduce these differences while increasing available space.

The following table contrasts the key tech tenant requirements with the generally applicable position of landlords.

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To ensure that the Irish tech sector continues to flourish, we need landlords who know the tech business and are willing to make space available on terms which suit tech tenants.  While the private sector provides some solutions (e.g. Dogpatch Labs and Gravity Centres), the Irish market needs more.  In the past, IDA Ireland has built advance factories, and advance technology buildings for pharma companies to encourage inward investment. Perhaps the IDA could establish a tech office park with incubation space for start-ups and larger areas for companies which have established but not yet gone viral?  This could be run by an investor with suitable finance or by a State agency.