Seyfarth Synopsis: The White House picks Scott A. Mugno as the new Administrator of federal OSHA.

The White House announced on October 27th that it has nominated Scott A. Mugno to be the Assistant Secretary of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health. If confirmed, Mr. Mugno will serve as the Administrator of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Mr. Mungo will replace Dr. David Michaels, who left the Agency on January 10, 2017.

Mr. Mugno currently serves as the Vice President for Safety, Sustainability and Vehicle Maintenance at FedEx Ground in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mr. Mugno previously served at FedEx as the Managing Director, Corporate Safety, Health and Fire Protection, and as a Senior Attorney. Prior to FedEx, Mr. Mugno was a Senior Counsel at Westinghouse Electric Corporation, and a member of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. Mr. Mugno is a graduate of Washburn University School of Law, and St. John’s University, Jamaica, New York.

In the past, Mr. Mugno has advocated at the United States Chamber of Commerce for the review and elimination of outdated safety regulations. If he is confirmed, employers can anticipate that Mr. Mugno will be a strong supporter of the Trump Administration’s anti-regulatory stance on issues such as post-accident drug testing, incentive programs, and voluntary protection programs (VPP).