Note: The Michigan Public Service Commission issued the following press release on March 3, 2014. For additional information contact Judy Palnau at (517) 241-3323

March 3, 2014 – The Michigan Public Service Commission (“MPSC”) today issued its annual report to Governor Snyder and the Michigan Legislature Highlights of the 2013 report include the following:

  • The MPSC awarded nearly $90 million in grants for low-income energy assistance to 14 organizations. The grants provide immediate assistance for heating needs as well as longer-term assistance in reducing future heating costs for low-income and senior citizens.
  • The Commission extended its consumer outreach efforts by attending 73 events throughout the state, ranging from utility sponsored Customer Assistance Days to fairs.
  • The Commission continues to make its Commission meetings available via podcast, handling 12,309 consumer contacts and assisting consumers and businesses with more than 6,635 electric and natural gas complaints and inquiries; 1,775 telecommunications complaints and inquiries; and 1,229 video/cable complaints and inquiries. The Commission in 2013 issued 630 orders, consisting of 166 telecommunications, 393 electric, 69 natural gas orders, and two motor carrier orders. The Commission also completed one natural gas rate case and two electric rate cases.
  • Among the orders issued by the Commission during 2013 were approvals of applications to replace, construct, and operate nine natural gas pipelines.
  • As part of Governor Snyder’s directive regarding Reinventing Performance in Michigan (“RPM”) by implementing a Lean Process Improving (“LPI”) Program, the MPSC identified seven projects as initial areas where improvements could be made. One of these involves the processing of for-hire motor carrier applications for intrastate authority. The MPSC’s Motor Carrier Division proposed to streamline the application process by eliminating 64 unnecessary work steps and therefore, reducing application processing time to less than 25 days when fully implemented, a 67 percent reduction.

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The MPSC is an agency within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

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