As one of the only counties in the state of Florida with countywide land use planning authority, Broward first adopted its countywide land use plan in 1979. Today, county staff and elected officials from county and cities held a workshop to kick off the complete revamping of the Broward County land use plan. Although the plan has been amended over the past decades, an overall review and update has never been done. This effort is expected to be completed by 2016 and will include input from the 33 municipalities in the county, the development industry and civic activists. A focus of the update will be to transform the Broward County land use plan from a plan which encouraged suburban sprawl to one incorporating smart growth principles, resiliency and urban redevelopment. A stated goal of county staff is to make it easier to redevelop as Broward plans to accommodate the anticipated 250,000 new residents expected to be here by 2040.