The International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) and the Access to Insurance Initiative (AII) have begun a review process aimed at assessing the level of IAIS member support for improvement of the inclusiveness of insurance markets (i.e. the level of access to insurance cover and services). On 2 April 2013, a questionnaire was issued to IAIS members in this regard. Amongst other matters, the questionnaire seeks information regarding (a) the current inclusiveness of the domestic insurance market, (b) the extent to which domestic legislation takes special account of insurers that serve the inclusive insurance market and (c) whether the domestic supervisory authorities review the inclusiveness of the domestic insurance market. The deadline for receipt of completed questionnaires is 7 May 2013, following which IAIS members will receive a report assessing its overall supportiveness. A progress report will be produced with aggregated information for discussion by the IAIS. It is expected that final reports will be available by October 2013.