On the March 14, 2016, MAC upheld the decision of FAS on Google’s abuse of dominance on the market of pre-installed app stores on the Android OS localized for the Russian Federation.

In a complaint by Yandex, a competing search engine, FAS had found that Google provided mobile devices manufacturers with Google play app store for pre-installation on Android OS mobile devices adopted for the Russian Federation. Conditions of app store provision include obligatory pre-installation of Google apps as well as its searching engine and their obligatory location on the main screen of a mobile device. Google actions led to prohibition of pre-installation of apps of other producers. The MAC fully supported the decision of FAS in the appeal by Google. Google would now be required to amend its contract with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in Russia.

While the above ruling applies solely to Russia, various other detailed investigations are pending against Google with antitrust regulators around the world, including the detailed investigation by EU in relation to its shopping comparison service.

(Source:FAS Press Release dated March 14, 2016, available at: <http://en.fas.gov.ru/press-center/news/detail.html?id=44968>)