ACCC court action alleges Sydney forklift gas supply cartel

The ACCC instituted Federal Court proceedings against Renegade Gas Pty Ltd (trading as Supagas NSW, a privately owned company) and Speed-E-Gas (NSW) Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Origin Energy Limited).  The ACCC alleges that the companies, through their senior executives and sales staff, gave effect to an anti-competitive prohibition arrangement involving the supply of LPG cylinders for forklifts to customers (both small and large scale businesses).

Distributor of baby products contravened resale price maintenance

A distributor of baby products to retailers nationwide acknowledged that it engaged in resale price maintenance in court-enforceable undertakings provided to the ACCC.  In July 2011 Valiant Enterprises attempted to induce an online retailer not to advertise the AngelCare AC1100 baby monitor for sale at a price less than that specified by Valiant Enterprises, including by suggesting that stock may be withheld from the retailer.

Foxtel clarifies its AFL broadcast in HD

Foxtel has amended its promotional material of high definition AFL broadcasts, agreed to issue a corrective notice, to provide some compensation and to ensure future promotions do not mislead consumers. The ACCC was concerned that, through use of terms such as “real HD” and “best HD experience”, Foxtel had created the impression that there was a singular and absolute level of high definition.