On 1 September 2019 Regulations on Electronic Application of Trademark was officially presented by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), and moreover these regulations immediately came into force. Professor Feng Xiaoqing from China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) said that it would be more convenient to apply documents for a trademark registration in an electronic form for both applicants and the CNIPA’s staff and it indicated that trademark system in China was being modernized. Mr. Feng also noted that the regulations would facilitate companies and entrepreneurs to file and obtain trademark registrations in time. Despite e-filing system simplifies the trademark registration, businesses should pay attention to the following things. Firstly, the electronic applications should be strengthened. Secondly, businesses must follow the trademark registration procedure and rules in order to avoid refusal in the trademark registration.

According to the Regulations on Electronic Application of Trademark, all the documents for the patent registration should be directly applied to the CNIPA in an electronic form via a special trademark online system. The regulations have definite rules concerning issues for example, applicant’s registration, application procedure, requirements for submission of trademark application form and documents, submission dates of trademark application materials, post trademark application coordination etc.

Mr. Wan, a representative from “Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Innovation Center” said that their center had registered a great number of trademarks by means of electronic application for the past several years. Mr. Wan also noted that owing to the electronic application procedure for the trademark registration, their center had benefited significantly. He distinguished two main benefits – saving time and money resources. In addition, there is no need for applicants to visit the CNIPA and obtain a trademark certificate. They can print this certificate at any time after the launch of operation for e-trademark registration certificate. Mr. Chen, a managing partner at “Foridom Law Firm” in Shanghai stated e-filing played an important role for IP service companies and it was more efficient for their clients. For example: when the applicant applies several application forms, the system will automatically detect the other applicant’s application forms and complete them, if any information is missed.