A nurse has been found guilty of professional misconduct for prescribing Maxolon and Paramax for a pregnant patient without authority to do so. The Tribunal noted that the Standing Orders clearly required consultation with a medical practitioner or midwife before medication could be prescribed or given to a pregnant patient (which did not happen), that there was no relevant entry in the Standing Orders for either of the medications, and that "notwithstanding the express statements in the Standing Orders... any nurse should be aware that any woman in her first trimester of pregnancy, and the foetus that she is carrying, are both significantly at risk from inappropriate application of medications". As the nurse's name had already been removed from the register following an earlier disciplinary process involving criminal convictions for sexual grooming, cancellation and suspension was not available to the Tribunal. However, the Tribunal stated that had the nurse been on the register, it would not have cancelled his registration or suspended him from practise (the latter being a majority decision). The nurse was censured, fined $3,000, ordered to pay costs of $9,300, and had a number of conditions placed on any return to practice. Keith Curry (421/Nur11/189P).