This bill would require private employers to permit employees to take paid leaves of absence for organ and bone marrow donation. This leave would not run concurrently with FMLA or CFRA leave. The bill would require a private employer to restore an employee returning from leave for organ or bone marrow donation to the same position held by the employee when the leave began or an equivalent position. The bill would prohibit a private employer from interfering with an employee taking organ or bone marrow donation leave and from retaliating against an employee for taking that leave or opposing an unlawful employment practice related to organ or bone marrow donation leave. The bill would authorize an employee to bring civil suit for enforcement of these provisions, and authorizes injunctive and equitable relief.  

Adds Part 5.5 (commencing with Section 1508) to Division 2 of the Labor Code.

Enrolled and to the Governor on 09/08/10.