Employment Tribunal award statistics for 2010/2011 have just been published. Key points are:-

  • Highest Award: £289,167 for a case involving sex discrimination
  • Highest Award for disability discrimination: £181,083
  • Average unfair dismissal award: £8,924
  • There were four cases involving age discrimination where the awards exceeded £50,000 with 39% of awards exceeding £20,000. The highest award was £144,100 (up from £48,710 in 2009/2010). This is an indication of the growth in significantly valuable claims involving older employees.

Overall the potential costs to employers of getting it wrong is evident. When considered against the background of the small percentage of claims where costs are actually awarded in favour of the employer (see below), the importance of minimising the risks of having to face a Tribunal is once again highlighted.

The full report is available here. You can read a summary on my blog here.