The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the settlement of class actions alleging consumer fraud in ads portraying Nutella as a healthy breakfast food. In re Ferrero Litigation, No. 12-56469 (9th Cir., decided July 16, 2014) (unpublished). Three members of the certified statewide class objected to the settlement, which provided $550,000 to reimburse class members, required ad-campaign and product-labeling revisions and awarded $985,920 in attorney’s fees. The objectors claimed inadequate notice of the attorney’s fee request, lack of justification or explanation for the fee award and the district court’s failure to consider whether class counsel adequately represented the class. The court found no basis for the objections, noting in part that the district court properly applied the lodestar method to the attorney’s fee calculation and that no indicia of collusion were present.