On 31 March 2015 changes to the Regulations on milk purchase were introduced. The changes are related to elimination of milk production quotas. The amendments allow milk producers to sell milk for processing to undertakings registered not only in Lithuania but also to undertakings registered in other member states of the European Union.

However, the requirements applicable to milk producers have not changed. As before, producers may sell for processing or directly for consumption only milk or milk products originating from dairies registered in their name. Milk producers who wish to purchase milk for processing from other milk producers must first receive veterinary confirmation from the State Food and Veterinary Service and register as purchasers at the Centre of Agricultural Information and Rural Activities.

Elimination of milk production quotas has been met with different reactions throughout the EU. Increase in milk production is likely to lower the purchase price of milk. In turn, this is likely to endanger smaller producers. Only those who manage to produce milk at the lowest cost possible will be able to survive. Thus, the reform is seen as a great danger for small farmers. Moreover, Lithuania is one of those countries whose milk producers will suffer the most. Consumers, on the other hand, may benefit the most, as overproduction of milk may lower prices.