The U.S. district judge presiding over the Fixodent® MDL in the Southern District of Florida has for the second time held that the plaintiffs failed to produce sufficient proof that the denture cream can cause a neurological condition known as copper deficiency myeloneuropathy, or CDM. The plaintiffs claim that the zinc contained in Fixodent® increases the risk of copper deficiency that results in neurological problems. Although plaintiffs’ experts relied on a number of scientific studies that they claimed provided sufficient connection between higher levels of zinc in Fixodent® and increased risks of neurological problems for a reasonable jury to find causation, Judge Cecilia Altonaga disagreed, concluding that the expert testimony “relies on factually inaccurate data and unsupported assumptions, and generally lacks the sound scientific basis and intellectual rigor required by Daubert. These experts’ opinions also leave significant gaps in plaintiffs’ general causation theory.”