The defense of own website is an important in the world of the Intellectual Property rights’ protection.

The development of strategies to protect a website through different types of IP rights is a main step against unpleasant surprises such as “theft” of some elements, or copycat (a new website that looks like the genuine one).

This is what happened to a US-company, whose web site has been partially copied by a Chinese-company. is a global online manufacturing market place that has opened its business in China in 2006. It has discovered that its former sales director has founded the Chinese website “PartsSourcing” copying the design and interface of itswebsite. Thus, MFG has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese competitor before the Minhang Court in Shanghai.

This is only one example of many IPR cases in which both Chinese and foreign companies are involved. Foreign companies shall take precautionary measures to defend IP rights, including abuse of their website.