In the decision n° 2012-0366 dated 29 March 2012, the ARCEP, in consideration of the authority's need to have deep and regularly updated knowledge of the conditions of Internet peering and transit agreements and practices which might have an effect on the French territory, has set up a semestrial collection of information.

This information collection would firstly concern (a) electronic communications operators who are subject to registration within the ARCEP pursuant to article L. 33-1 of the French Post and Electronic Communications Code. On a targeted and occasional basis, the ARCEP shall assess and complete the information provided by the previous category of operators, by requesting information from (b) electronic communications operators not-subject to registration within the ARCEP which have a data interconnection relation with operators subject to registration and (c) on-line communication services providers which have, regarding data transportation, a minimum of one relationship with a registered electronic communication operator and which endorse a proactive approach in order that their services or contents would be used or consulted by final users located in France.  

The first responses to the questionnaire shall be provided in August 2012  

In the periodic questionnaire, electronic communications operators (category a) shall transmit information regarding all independent systems they own, data relating to each individual agreement with a reasonable number of partners AS, which includes: the first 20 partners with regard to the global capacity of data interconnection and transportation superior or equal to 1 Gbit/s with the AS owned or owning AS marked "FR" or "EU" in Réseaux IP Européen ("RIPE") data base. Specific rules shall apply to other categories of persons referred to in the decision.