A public consultation has been launched seeking submissions on the proposed heads of the new Criminal Justice (Corruption) Bill.  The draft scheme of the bill, which sets out comprehensive proposals for legislative change in the areas of bribery and corruption, was published by the Minister for Justice earlier this summer.

The consultation is being run by the Joint Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality and submissions from interested parties will be accepted up until 14 September 2012.

For a link to our previous article which sets out detail on the various proposals contained in the bill, please click here.  The bill looks set to introduce a number of interesting changes, including provisions which will render companies criminally liable for corrupt acts committed by their directors, managers, officers, employees, subsidiaries or agents, where the corruption was intended to obtain or retain business for the company.

For a link to the draft scheme of the bill, please click here

For more information on the consultation process, please click here.