I was recently interviewed by Ladders, a media publication covering workforce issues, regarding yet another case involving social media and employment.

The article discusses how a former employee of a global recruiting and staffing company was forced to remove thousands of her LinkedIn contacts because the company claimed the relationships didn’t belong to her, but the company. As the details of the employee’s employment contract or any confidentiality or non solicit agreement that may have been signed are unknown, one can only speculate whether she had the right to do so.

The article continues to offer advice to the reader to avoid such a situation. A key point I offer is, “If there’s one message to give to people, it’s really a matter of going in with your eyes and ears open, knowing what the policies and procedures are, asking what they are, so there’s clarification at the outset and really understanding what the agreement says within the restrictions.”

While this case reiterates that in today’s job market, you must be extremely careful with social media, it also confirms that you should always seek clarification from your employer and ask for policies in writing; both the employee and employer will benefit from it in the long run.