The United States Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (“PHMSA”) in a September 19th letter clarified the Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations placarding provisions.

The PHMSA was responding to an April 18th question from the Director of Regulatory Compliance Systems for Brenntag North America, Inc. (“BNA”).

BNA asked:

. . .whether a placard with a white center block intended for display of identification numbers may remain blank and be used to satisfy the placarding requirements in Subpart F Part 172.

PHMSA stated in the September 19th letter that the answer was no. It explained:

. . .A placard with a blank white space (i.e., white center block) is only authorized for display of identification numbers in conformance with § 172.332 (c). If a placard is not used for the display of an identification number, it must conform to the design requirements of § 172.519 (b) which does not accommodate a blank white space in the center of the placard.

A copy of the September 19th letter can be downloaded here.