As the largest and most widely viewed single sporting event in the world, the FIFA  World Cup provides a fantastic opportunity for marketing and advertising activities.  However, as a privately funded event, FIFA fiercely protects all aspects of its  intellectual property in order to maintain the exclusivity of association and use of its  Official Marks by its partners and sponsors.

Many businesses want to celebrate the FIFA World Cup and engage in additional  events and promotional activities during the tournament. The purpose of this guide is  to help identify what marketing and promotional activities can be undertaken around  the FIFA World Cup 2014 tournament, and what is not permitted.

What’s protected?

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Guidelines assert that, in  relation to the FIFA World Cup 2014, the following  “Official Marks” are protected:  

  • Official Emblem (individual graphic and word  elements which combine to make the emblem as a  whole)
  • Official Mascot (an armadillo with its arm stretched  out holding a football)
  • Official Slogan (“All in one rhythm” / “Juntos num só  ritmo”)
  • FIFA World Cup Trophy (image)
  • Official Poster  
  • Official Fan Fest Logo  
  • A number of words and phrases, including:
    • 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
    • 2014 FIFA World Cup
    • FIFA World Cup
    • FI FA
    • Brazil 2014
    • 2014 Brazil
    • Copa 2014
    • Mundial 2014
    • Mundial de Futebol Brasil 2014
    • Copa do Mundo 2014

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A rule of thumb

When looking at any advertisement or marketing campaign, if there is any chance that it may be construed as  implying an association with FIFA and/or the World Cup, then the chances are that it falls foul of appropriate  use. 

For example, advertising the screening of matches in a hotel, together with use of the word’s “FI FA” or “World  Cup”, combined with a depiction of the Official Mascot is likely to fall foul and could potentially open you up  to enforcement action by FIFA. However, if the advertisement is a hint to the event, such as the depiction of a  generic football or hint towards a Brazilian nationalistic theme will be low risk. 

Points to note

  • Social media is also considered a form of advertising and marketing.
  • Be cautious when referring to players or teams in the FIFA World Cup 2014 as this is likely to require their  permission and, if you are using images, the permission of the copyright owner in the image will also be  required. You should be aware that such use may amount to creating an association with the player, the  team or the FIFA World Cup 2014 and so that it falls foul of what constitutes appropriate use.
  • An event will be considered a public viewing event if at such an event, broadcast coverage of the World Cup  is made available for public exhibition.
  • In order to ensure that no direct or indirect association is made between the event organiser and FIFA and/ or the FIFA World Cup 2014, no use of the Official Marks is permitted.  
  • If you are hosting an event in partnership with an official partner or sponsors of FIFA, only the parts of the  event directly linked to the event will be able to use the Official Marks, eg an official Budweiser stand at an  event organised by a bar will be able to make use of the Official Marks in relation to the stand only.