A variety of provisions included in the economic stimulus package will provide a boost to the manufacturing sector of the economy. A few examples of ways in which the stimulus will affect manufacturers are as follows:

  • Funding for Labor, Health and Human Services and Education: Though the topic may be misleading, much of the funding in this category will be granted to municipalities with the end goal of building updates and increased energy efficiency. This provision also notes that all iron or steel utilized during construction for these projects must be produced in the U.S., unless the cost will increase the projected spend by more than 25%.
  • Housing and Urban Development was granted over $7 billion for construction projects and improved energy efficiency. Grants will be awarded through a competitive process to bidders throughout the United States.
  • Infrastructure funding, especially for rail and electric transportation, is included in a variety of provisions within the package. These provisions are designed to update and revamp existing infrastructure while exploring faster, "greener" ways to transport goods.
  • Science and research is also a big winner in the competition for funding, meaning that new ideas and products will be hitting the market. Much of this funding will be allocated through competitive grant processes, some of which are tied to institutions and some of which are independent.