The Patent Prosecution Highway ("PPH") Pilot Program between Taiwan and Japan has been enhanced to PPH MOTTAINAI Pilot Program since May 1, 2014, and will be extended for a term of 3 years. The program is expected to facilitate patent application processes for Taiwanese and Japanese applicants.

A total number of 817 cases of patent application have been received by the TIPO during the period between the Taiwan-Japan PPH pilot program effectuated in May 2012 and the end of March in 2014. As PPH pilot program was expire at the end of April 2014, a mutual agreement was reached bilaterally for an extension of 3 years, and amended to an enhanced version of PPH pilot program--PPH MOTTAINAI from May 1, 2014.

PPH MOTTAINAI is an advanced and enhanced version of PPH available to a greater amount of patent applications. Under PPH MOTTAINAI, the restriction that on cross reference only the examination result of the Office of First Filing can be used as reference to an Office of Second Filing has been removed. PPH MOTTAINAI is designed to allow a patent applicant to file a request to one office for an accelerated examination under PPH with regard to the counterpart of the application that has been assumed as patentable by the other office, regardless of which office the application was first filed with. Hence, the enhancement to a PPH MOTTAINAI pilot program between Taiwan and Japan is expected to not only facilitate the application processes of Taiwan patent applicants, but also expedite the patent examination in both jurisdictions.

[Data Source: TIPO Official Website]