To consider recently collected emissions data, EPA has decided to delay promulgation of three final rules that would require owners and operators of boilers, process heaters and incinerators to control emissions of toxic air pollutants. EPA now intends to issue final rules by Jan. 16, 2011, one month later than originally planned. The delay was in response to comments to EPA from 41 senators — 18 Democrats and 23 Republicans — and 106 members of the House of Representatives. The legislators complained that EPA's proposed rules could lead to significant job losses, more than EPA predicted, particularly for industries that rely on biofuels for their boilers, process heaters and incinerators. They asked EPA to create additional subcategories of emissions limits to provide operators with more flexibility. They also asked EPA to consider health-based standards that would not require boiler operators to install additional pollution controls if they can demonstrate emissions of toxic pollutants are below the level of concern for public health. EPA's regulatory analysis estimated fewer than 8,000 job losses in the short term and 6,000 job losses to 12,000 job gains in the long term. However, recent industry studies suggest that the rule would eliminate more than 300,000 jobs.