FOS has published proposed amendments to its scheme rules, affecting businesses subject to its voluntary jurisdiction.  FOS has two jurisdictions: 1) the compulsory jurisdiction (CJ) and; 2) the voluntary jurisdiction (VJ).  The FCA is responsible for making the rules that set the scope of the CJ and FOS is responsible for making rules that set the scope of the VJ.

The FCA is consulting on new rules that would set a deadline by which consumers would need to make their PPI complaints or else lose their right to have them assessed by firms or by FOS. FOS’ consultation is purely about these possible changes to the time limits for PPI complaints.  To keep the VJ rules aligned with the CJ and to avoid consumer and business confusion about the deadline, it thinks it would be appropriate to amend the VJ rules to mirror the proposed changes to the CJ time limits, subject to the FCA’s final rules.