The HSE began a 10 week period of consultation yesterday regarding their proposals to replace the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007). The regulations currently establish a foundation for managing health and safety in construction projects from the design stage onwards and provide minimum health, safety and welfare standards during construction. Under the proposal these would be replaced by a new set of regulations which are intended to be far easier to understand and comply with but retain vital safety protection.

The proposals are the result of the Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) working alongside the HSE for two years. Heather Bryant, HSE Construction Chief Inspector, stated “The proposed changes are aimed at ensuring more people come home safe and well from their work and making the law simpler and clearer for employers to understand, particularly small businesses.”

The most significant changes included in the proposals are:

  • The CDM co-ordinator role being replaced by a principal designer role within the project team;
  • Removal of explicit competence requirements and replacing with a specific requirement for appropriate skills;
  • Application of the Regulations to domestic clients in a proportionate way
  • Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) being replaced by tailored guidance.

The consultation period closes on 6 June 2014. Those interested in responding should click here.