With most of the focus so far on say-on-pay votes, it is probably safe to say that say-on-pay’s cousin, the say-on-golden-parachute vote, has probably felt a little neglected.  But now even say-on-golden-parachutes are starting to get some well-deserved attention. 

One of the interesting tidbits in this recent Pearl Meyer Partners study is that, of the 24 companies to have reported results from say-on-golden-parachute votes so far, all have passed, and the median level of support was 91% (compared to a median level of support of 99% for the transaction itself.)  

Also of interest was PMP’s finding that ISS has recommended against votes in 4 out of 32 cases, in each case due to the existence of “problematic” pay practices, such as single trigger or modified single trigger severance protections.