MAC call for evidence in relation to the shortage occupation lists in UK and Scotland and creative occupations.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) have launched a call for evidence to support their review of the shortage occupation lists (SOL) in the UK and Scotland and their review as to whether creative occupations should continue to be included within Tier 2 of the points based system.

MAC commissioned to review shortage occupation list for UK and Scotland and creative occupations.

On 20 August 2012, the Minister for Immigration commissioned MAC to:

  • undertake a review of the shortage occupation list for the UK and for Scotland; and
  • assess whether creative occupations skilled below NVQ LEVEL 6 should continue to be included within Tier 2 of the points-based system.

In relation to their review of the shortage occupation list, MAC will specifically be looking into which occupations or job titles (skilled to at least NVQ level 6) are currently subject to a shortage of labour in the UK and Scotland.

The government have also requested MAC to advise upon whether there should be a standard period (2 years is mooted) after which an occupation should be automatically removed from the shortage occupation list, on the basis that the SOL is intended only to provide temporary relief whilst a more permanent solution to the shortage is identified. The MAC are to consider whether exceptions should be made to this standard period, as well as advising whether a transitional period should be accorded to those occupations currently on the shortage occupation list which have already exceeded this standard period.

Call for Evidence

Last week MAC launched a call for evidence (see Call for evidence document) from employers and others, seeking views and evidence to help it respond to the Government’s questions. The deadline for responses is 30 November 2012.

A series of events and meetings have been arranged to give interested parties the opportunity to hear from MAC and to ask questions and give the MAC their views:

General information events in London – Friday 19 October 2012 – morning and Wednesday 7 November 2012 – afternoon

Occupation specific events in London:

Education and Science: Thursday 11 October 2012 – afternoon;

Engineering and Construction: Monday 15 October 2012 – morning;

Health & Social Care: Monday 15 October 2012 – afternoon;

Creative: Tuesday 16 October 2012 – afternoon;

Finance and IT: Thursday 25 October 2012 – afternoon.

Anyone who would like to attend these events can get in touch with the MAC secretariat at and they will be notified of the timings for the meetings and be given an agenda.

If employers would like to meet with the MAC or its secretariat or can offer to host an event at which the MAC could engage with a number of employers or representatives of a group or sector of employers they can contact the MAC at

The MAC also want to hear about any upcoming meetings, conferences or forums which would provide good opportunities to engage with wider groups.

Experience suggests that representations to the MAC supported by evidence can result in changes to the SOL.

Further information is available on the MAC website, including a link to the current SOL, click here.