In 2009 the president approved Law 11,970, which amended the Law of Waterways Traffic Safety (9,537/1997), to mandate the use of protection devices in vessel's motor shafts and moving parts. Law 11,970 sought to reduce the large number of serious accidents between vessels and the North Region's riverside inhabitants.

Two members of Parliament recently presented Draft Law 10,630/2018, which revisits the same subject.

To ensure driver and passenger safety, the new law would mandate the installation of additional passive safety equipment for:

  • new boats;
  • factory outlets;
  • vessels originating from new projects (both national and imported); and
  • engines for all types of vessel.

The draft law establishes a schedule for gradually implementing the changes; however, it is expected to undergo several adjustments, as the current form presents technical inconsistencies that must be eliminated before it can be approved.

Legislators await an order from the president of the Chamber of Deputies to define the committees that will analyse the draft law and its procedural arrangements.

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