India has adopted the Madrid Protocol which enables an applicant to file application for the registration of a trademark in more than one designated countries of his choice. With a notification issued by the Trademarks Registry of India on 8th July, 2013, the long awaited provisions related to Madrid Protocol have come into force in India. Consequently, the provisions of Trademarks (Amendment) Act, 2010 and Trade Mark (Amendment) Rules, 2013 are implemented from 8th July, 2013 which enable and facilitate the international registration of trademarks under the Madrid protocol.

The major benefit of this enactment is that from now onwards, any person or legal entity who has an effective and bona fide trade establishment in India and has got a trademark registered in India or has applied for a trademark in India, can apply for an international registration of his trademark. The applicant can also mention the designated countries in the international registration Form MM2 in which he wants to protect his trademark.