The Attorney General, the Honourable George Brandis QC, has announced an inquiry into elder abuse. The inquiry is into the laws and frameworks in place to safeguard older Australians from abuse.

The Australian Law Reform Commission is required to identify the best ways to protect older Australians while promoting respect for their rights and preferences. Their report containing recommendations is due in May 2017.

The inquiry comes in the wake of reports that the level of abuse towards elders has increased, however effective responses and prevention measures have not been developed. For example, on Tuesday we published an update noting that the occurrence of assaults allegedly perpetrated against residents in aged care has risen by 10% in a year.

The inquiry will identify and consult with relevant government and non-government stakeholders including the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner and service providers.

You can access the terms of reference here.

This article was written with the assistance of Stephanie Rocca, Graduate Lawyer.