Earlier today, newly elected New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced a two-part initiative that he claims will lead to increased investigations under the New York False Claims Act. Specifically, Attorney General Schneiderman announced:

  1.  The New York AG's office will establish a New Taxpayer Protection Unit to investigate large scale tax fraud and government contracting fraud. (The federal FCA specifically exempts tax fraud claims. In August 2010, New York became the first state to permit actions for tax fraud under its state False Claims Act.) The new unit will also encourage and work with whistleblowers who make allegations of fraud and abuse perpetrated against the government.
  2. The New York AG's office will bolster its Medicaid Fraud Control Unit by adding dozens of new prosecutors, investigators, and auditors to investigate allegations of Medicaid fraud.

A copy of the press release issued by Attorney General Schneiderman can be found here.