On May 3, 2016, Executive Vice President and Head of the Wholesale Product Office at the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Richard Dzina, discussed the importance of improving the cyber resiliency of financial market infrastructures (FMIs) in light of escalating cyber threats with systemic consequences. Dzina cited the recent consultative report by the Committee on Payment and Market Infrastructures and the Board of IOSCOwhich provides guidance on cyber resilience for FMIs, including the expectation that their critical operations resume within a two-hour period following disruption. Heralding joint industry efforts as well as those taken by individual institutions, Dzina highlighted backup site (so-called “third site”) capacity as a lynchpin to improving the resiliency of FMIs. Specifically, he recommended that FMIs invest in technologically diverse off-network third site solutions as a backstop to the measures they have in place to prevent against cyber-attacks. He stressed the importance of FMIs, particularly those at the epicenter of the financial system, continuously investing in improvements to resiliency and cybersecurity.

Dzina’s speech is available at: https://www.newyorkfed.org/newsevents/speeches/2016/dzi160503