On February 22, 2012, USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas announced the launch of the Entrepreneur in Residence Initiative (EIR). This initiative consisted of establishing a team of private sector entrepreneurs and USCIS staff who would work together to streamline and clarify the several visa pathways available to foreign entrepreneurs and to create specialized training for USCIS staff. As part of that process, the EIR team launched in January 2013 Entrepreneur Pathways, a website devoted to educating applicants and employers about the various visa opportunities available to entrepreneurs.

The highlight of the Entrepreneur Pathways website is its “Getting Started” tool. This feature explains step-by-step the considerations that should inform applicants and employers as they decide which visa program is right for them. The “Getting Started” tool has an easy-to-use and attractive format that collects all necessary information in one spot. Access Entrepreneur Pathways by clicking here. This website can also be accessed from the USCIS homepage by clicking on “Resources for Entrepreneurs.”